4 Hidden LA Hotspots You Should Know About

Los Angeles is enormous. It’s hard to put a city like Los Angeles into perspective if you’re from anywhere else in North America (besides, perhaps, New York City) because the city is home to many people and offers an abundance of places to eat and things to do. 

If you are wondering how it’s even possible to find out about LA’s hotspots if you aren’t already in the know, we’ve got you covered. Below are four hidden LA hotspots that you should know about.

sunset over echo park los angeles

1. Paramount Ranch

You may think that it would be impossible to escape the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, but you’d be wrong. This little park, tucked away in the hills of Santa Monica, has a variety of scenic hiking trails and has been the filming location of many wild west movies that you’d definitely recognize.

2. Kyoto Garden Atop the Double Tree Hilton

This is one of the best curated and maintained traditional Japanese gardens that you will find anywhere in Los Angeles – and the best part is that barely anyone knows about it. It’s an oasis right in the middle of the city atop the Hilton Hotel that offers scenic views and an exclusive feel.

3. Blue Ribbon Garden at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Yes, there is actually a hidden rooftop garden atop one of the biggest concert halls in downtown Los Angeles and most visitors are completely unaware of it’s existence. The garden is dedicated to the late wife of Walt Disney and Lillian Disney, and is a great place to escape before or after a show if you want to avoid the crowds.

4. Carroll Avenue near Echo Park

This is one of the only neighbourhoods in Los Angeles that has well-maintained Victorian architecture, and is home to one of the city’s first suburbs. The neighbourhood is as picturesque as they come and it is one of the most iconic Los Angeles backdrops in all of North American cinema.It might seem, at first glance, that a city as well known as Los Angeles would have no hidden hotspots left to offer, but that is definitely not the case. If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles, or have lived in the city for a while and think you’ve exhausted all of the hidden gems LA has to offer, keep the above four hidden hotspots in mind and make your next outing in Los Angeles one you won’t forget.

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