5 of the Best Scenic Winter Getaways

5 of the Best Scenic Winter Getaways

The word vacation often conjures up images of palm trees and waves crashing on the beach. However, sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than a scenic winter getaway where the air is refreshing and the lighting makes everything glisten.

These are the five best winter destinations to enjoy:


Iceland is an idyllic destination for those who love to combine adventure with natural beauty. When the landscape is coated with snow in the winter, travelers will find partially-frozen lakes and cascading waterfalls that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Like many other Baltic countries in Europe, Norway is spectacular during the day. When this destination really stands out, however, is during the nighttime when the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

Northen light under mountains. Beautiful natural landscape in the Norway


It may be dark and cold in Alaska during the winter, but this state is one of the most beautiful places to see when it’s coated with a blanket of fresh snow. Anchorage is perhaps the best place to stay during a winter trip to Alaska, because it offers both fun-filled attractions as well as iconic natural sights.

Snowy lake in Alaska


Sweden is the best place to glide down the slopes in winter, but it’s also home to many igloo hotels that make for a unique traveling experience.

Igloo Hotels under the northern lights in Sweden


California may be a surprising pick for a winter vacation, but the northern parts of this state absolutely shine during the cold weather months. Lake Tahoe, in particular, is breathtaking when it snows.

Snowy Lake Tahoe, California

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