4 Innovative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

There’s something personal about our jewelry collections. Each piece tells a story and represents a sentimental memory. Some pieces are the go to, wear every day items, while others are reserved for extra special occasions. Some pieces make us smile every time we wear them, others represent a moment in time that we want to treasure forever. Wearing jewelry is special, it’s true, but storing your collections in an organized way pays tribute to their extra special meaning. Here are some creative ways to store your jewelry collection.

1. Take A Jewelry Inventory:  The first item on your jewelry organizing to do list is keeping track every item in your collection. This jewelry inventory is a list, handwritten in a journal or kept online. Separate your items by category; ring, jewelry necklace, bracelet, dangle earrings, etc. Record some personal information about each item and tell a little story about each one.

Tip:  Handwritten journals pay a personal tribute to a beloved jewelry collection and can be handed down throughout generations.

2.  Gather Containers: Next, find containers to organize the jewelry. Keep in mind they must fit into the drawer or bureau where the jewelry will be stored. Containers and drawer dividers can be purchased, or you can creatively re-purpose household items like tea cups, saucers, plastic containers, boxes or egg crates. Devote these areas specifically for jewelry.

Tip:  Create different layers by stacking similar sized containers inside the drawers. Items that are out of season or rarely worn can be on the bottom, those most worn on the top.

3.  Separate By Style:  Now it’s time to organize the collection by separating all the pieces by style. Place small earrings and rings into the smallest containers, store bracelets together and hang gold chains together on a hook. More expensive, rarely worn items, like a vintage pendant or big earrings, can be stored in their original boxes and stored in a secure area. Go to pieces that are worn every day can be displayed in a decorative dish on a vanity or bedside table.

Tip:  Transform a picture frame into a decorative jewelry holder:  Frame a cork board instead of a photo and use pretty push pins to hang necklaces, bracelets and even dangle earrings

4. Display as Decor:  Jewelry can double as home accents when displayed correctly. For example, a decorative tray with carefully arranged jewelry, perfume bottles and other special items becomes a focal point of a room. 

Tip:  A brooch collection becomes decorative art when displayed together in a glass vase or beautiful bowl.

jewelry box with jewelry with pink roses

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