Februarys Birthstone: Amethyst

The striking color and clarity of amethyst stones have long been associated with royalty and good fortune. As February’s birthstone, it is the gem associated with Aquarius on the astrological chart and is one of the gems mentioned in the Bible as the stone of one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. 

With its deep purple color, amethyst is associated with warmth and strength, and it represents the qualities of stability, courage and peace.

Mined in many parts of the world, amethyst is a quartz stone, usually found embedded within cavities or geodes of granite formations. 

Large Amethyst Cluster black background

Antique amethyst jewelry is highly collectible, and modern designers use the stone alone or with other gems or pearls for earrings, as well as rings, pendant necklaces and pins. Amethyst was the preferred stone for crowns and royal scepters and was once considered as valuable as diamonds. It is well suited for men’s jewelry as well, and large stones are not uncommon.

Prized not only for its beauty but for its versatility, amethyst is also said to possess healing powers, including the ability to cure depression and promote sleep. It was once believed to protect against intoxication as well as being able to enhance the intellect and counteract evil thoughts.

If you were born in February, is this the year to start wearing amethyst proudly as your signature gemstone?

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