Gemstones and their meanings

When you purchase a stylish piece of Jewelry, you know you’ll get something that looks amazing and will last for years. But do you know what the stones precision-set in your jewelry actually mean? Here are some stones we use and the metaphysical properties they carry. 

Rubies – The Ruby symbolizes life force, courage and passion. Rubies bring confidence, determination, and adventure. The Ruby is the birthstone for July.

Sapphires – Sapphires are the stone of royalty and wisdom. Sapphires enhance spirituality, intuition and mental clarity. Legends say they can help open the third eye, allowing you to receive guidance from the universe. Sapphires are the Birthstone for September.

Group of blue sapphires on black background.

Amethyst – is the known birth stone of February. It helps with energy healing, and chakra balancing with a focus on the crown chakra. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever and can even help with insomnia.

Rose Quartz – Is the stone of love, healing and relationships. While primarily focusing on the heart chakra this stone radiates positive energy that helps heal all aspects of the heart. Rose Quartz is the zodiac stone for taurus and libra.

Topaz – Recharges and aligns the energetic meridians in the body. It brings, joy, good health, and abundance. Topaz is the stone of good fortune.

Diamonds – Diamonds symbolize clarity and purpose. They bring longevity, beauty, balance and abundance. Diamonds are the Birthstone for April.

Which stone is the best fit for you? When selecting your next piece of Jewelry ensure to consider the metaphysical properties of the gemstones you are wearing and how they will serve you. 

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