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Pearls are also well known for their calming and balancing abilities. Pearls are connected to both the water and the moon and as the moon controls the ebb and waning of the tides, pearls are meant to ease any fear and uncertainty within their wearers. They are symbols of reflection and purity, allowing all those who wear it to become attuned to oneself and the universe around them. In the medical field, pearls have been used to treat headaches, colds and lung infections. They have also proven useful in the balancing of hormones.

Pearls are formed in oysters and clams when sand or debris happens to enter the shell. As a form of natural defense, the shellfish builds up soft layers of aragonite around the sand in order to prevent it from doing any harm. The light reflecting within each layer of aragonite is what causes the beautiful natural luster in the pearls.

Freshwater Pearl

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