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Opal gemstone jewelry is a newer practice that allows the luminous and precious opal gemstone to earn the recognition it deserves. The blue opal is believed to enhance creativity and influence the wearer’s emotions. It is said to aid in calming those who are stressed, helping them to find internal peace and balance within themselves. Furthermore, opals are believed to encourage communication and allow those who wear it to speak true and from the heart.

Opal gemstones are also known for their various medical properties. Opals have been used to treat fevers and infections as well as aid in memory strength. Opals have even been proved to help alleviate PMS symptoms as well as promoting healthy childbirth. They contain water and are therefore believed to be intricately connected with ocean mammals such as dolphins and whales. Ancient mythology also links the opal to mermaids and was believed to allow the wearer to become invisible which allowed mermaids to entrance and mystify sailors.

The opal gemstone used in our opal necklaces forms when silica and water combine in small cracks within the ocean ground. This combination of the two ingredients hardens over time and solidifies to become what we know today as the opulent opal.


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