How to Buy Gold Jewelry Online

If you’re thinking of buying gold jewelry online, looking to take advantage of the wide choice and lower prices, you may feel a bit daunted. Here are some tips on how to buy gold jewelry online.

Think about Purity

The purity of a piece of gold jewelry is defined by how much other metal is mixed in with the gold. It’s measured in karats (K). 24K is anything over 99% gold, and is considered pure gold. (100% gold is too soft to use for jewelry.)

The purity of the gold will be reflected in the price you pay for the jewelry. Most high end jewelry is made with 14 or 18 karat Gold or is 925 sterling silver with a gold plating over top. 


Gold comes in a variety of colors, depending on what other metals it’s mixed with. For example, mixing gold with copper makes rose gold, and mixing it with palladium or nickel gives you white gold.

Consider Gold Plating

Gold plating is when a base metal, such as brass or 925 sterling silver, is dipped into pure molten gold to create a golden coating.

Gold plated jewelry is priced lower than purer forms of gold jewelry. It lends itself to more distinctive, elegant designs at a much more cost-effective price point.

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