Jewelry inspired by the Moon and Beyond

5th and Envy is delighted to share some inside details regarding how we awaken and bring to life our jewelry collections. In this post, we want to paint in words, how the moon has provoked some creative power for us.

Moon Cycle - Jewelry inspired by the Moon and Beyond - 5th and Envy

For roughly 14 days our moon grows in light until she is full (for one whole day) and then decreases in light over the course of about 14 days, until she is new again. When the moon is waxing (growing) it illuminates on the right and when it is waning (decreasing) in light it illuminates on the left. During the waxing stage of the moon cycle we are to envision and manifest all the things we want to bring into our life. As the moon slowly illuminates more and more each day we invite new ideas and inspiration; growing and building in perplexity. The day of the full moon is a day to celebrate the actualizing and fullness of our manifested intentions. As the moon begins her waning phase we then allow ourselves to let go and empty out any toxicity or negativity in our life. Bringing us to the new moon again where we get to start our cycles of manifesting and releasing all over.


During the waning moon phase, we encourage the conscious jewelry wearer to focus on releasing and letting go of anything in life that is holding one back. 5th and Envy will be offering support in the process of release; with our consciously crafted and extraordinarily stunning Topaz Half Moon Pendant. We chose Topaz crystals because it is a perfect gemstone to enhance the experience of letting go and releasing negativity. Topaz is derived from the Greek word “topazion” which may have originated from the Sanskrit term “tapas” meaning fire. What does fire do? Fire purifies. Hence why Topaz crystal can serve useful if you’re seeking purification, of any sort, in your own life. Topaz is a crystal that will reflect the energy of your mind. The mesmerizing clairvoyance of this gemstone will bring you intense clarity on your intentions, and it will strengthen your focus.

In addition to topaz, we understand that jewelry designed with sacred symbols and shapes can powerfully influence intentional manifesting and invite the wearer to gain more then just an attractive jewelry piece. Our stunning Topaz Half Moon Pendant is specifically designed to represent the waning moon. The downward facing position of this moon represents letting go. Embroidered with silver topaz to invite clarity of thoughts and hanging from an 18kt gold chain. This Half Moon Pendant is undeniably graceful, projecting a calm, feminine essence, just like the moon.

At 5th and Envy we stay true to the historical and ancient impact jewelry is meant to invoke on the wearer. We wants you to experience your jewelry in a deeper more connective way and especially want you to feel how our Topaz Half Moon Pendant is symbolic and inspired by the big beautiful gemstone in the sky, the moon itself! And if the Topaz Half Moon Pendant is a piece that you are attracted to then you may also like to check out our Diamond Full Moon Pendant! A gorgeous diamond necklace to add to your collection. This Diamond Pendant is covered in single cut diamonds to reflect the celestial glow of the full-bodied moon. A truly striking piece as well.

We design our pieces and put together our collections with the intent to truly inspire the wearer. 5th and Envy collects gemstones, crystals and various other materials from around this beautiful Earth (and outside of it). We also strive to share traditions and mythologies from the ancient world through our jewelry pieces. All the while being mindful of quality, variety and authenticity.

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