The Top Jewelry Trend this Winter: Ancient Coins

One of the hottest jewelry trends this winter is an old tradition. The latest buzz is all about showing off what has been rediscovered from foreign lands and the distant past.

Ancient coin jewelry has always held a certain appeal for discerning men and women. Real coins, although sometimes available as “shipwreck” salvage, tend to be rare and pricey. Today, the alternative is to snap up glittering gold reproduction coins that have the same mystique and power to impress.

Woman wearing Ancient Coin Necklace

Steeped in history, coins that feature likenesses of conquering heroes and historic leaders speak of wealth and power, while Greek and Roman gods and goddesses have a cultural significance that transcends time. A coin necklace with the figure of mythological Eros and his arrow or a coin with the face of Medusa conveys an unmistakable message of love. Can there be a more perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

For a much-appreciated gift to yourself or someone dear, choose a coin pendant with the face of Caesar, Athena, Janus or Zeus, or opt for both symbolism and artistry with a winged Pegasus or the Axe of Duality with a thunderbolt of Zeus.

All will speak louder than words, and they’re high style for the start of a new decade!

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